Photo Exhibit of Westchester County Airport History Created by Scarsdale Scout/Cadet

“Aviation and history buffs can enjoy a new photo exhibit of the early years of Westchester County Airport created by a Boy Scout from Scarsdale Troop 4 who is also a member of Westchester Cadet Squadron 1 of the Civil Air Patrol. The exhibit can be viewed online, and selected photos are now on display as informational plaques in the observation room on the airport’s third floor.”

When Eagle Scout Noah Cooperman faced the task of creating his service project, he knew immediately that he wanted it to benefit the airport. When Noah met Steve Ferguson, Assistant Manager of the airport, Noah learned that Ferguson was hoping for a digitized scrapbook of the airport’s rich history.

Noah, along with help from his troop, photographed 140 pages and uploaded them into an online photo album, as well as creating informational slides from 25 of the images.

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