Tips for Packing Your Suitcase   

If you are traveling this holiday season, it is important to pack and prepare! The sooner you prepare the items you need to bring with you, the easier it will be to handle airport parking, long lines, and other elements associated with traveling. Learn how to properly pack your suitcase by following these tips:

Create a List
It is never a good idea to wait until you have to pack to decide what you want to bring with you. Make sure you stay organized by creating a list of everything you need for your trip. Write down which articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories you want to bring. Your list should also include toiletries, electronics, entertainment, and any extra items you may want with you while you travel and during your time away from home. Creating a list can help you determine which items to put in the suitcase overhead and which ones to keep in your carry-on bag.

Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding Them
Many people fold their clothing before putting it in a suitcase, just like how they fold their clothing when putting it away at home. This method may be the standard, but it is not the most efficient choice! You can save room in your luggage by rolling your clothing instead of folding it. Lay garments on a flat surface and roll them tightly before placing them in your suitcase. This also helps prevent wrinkles while traveling.

Know Your Airline’s Regulations