Keep These Objects at Home and Get Through Airport Security With Ease   

Fall is here, which means the holiday season is quickly approaching. If you are planning to travel with loved ones over the next few months, it is a good idea to start planning as early as possible. This will allow you to get your tickets, learn about airport parking options, and figure out what to pack. Just make sure to leave these items at home:

More Than Three Ounces of Each Liquid
Passengers must follow strict regulations regarding liquids when traveling by plane. Many liquids and gels that people like to keep hand when traveling are permitted on plane rides, but passengers can bring no more than three ounces of each desired liquid or gel. All liquids must be in containers that fit inside of a quart-size bag. Passengers can also purchase various liquids inside of the airport and bring them on the plane.

Sharp Objects
Many sharp objects are considered dangerous which is why they are not permitted on airplanes. A lot of these objects are acceptable to bring on checked luggage, but should not be packed in any carry-on luggage. Sharp objects not permitted in carry-on luggage include box cutters, razor-type blades, swords, and scissors with blades longer than four inches.

Any products containing chemicals should definitely be left at home. You may want to bring cleaning products or other household items containing chemicals, but these items are considered dangerous and passengers are not allowed to bring them on planes. Avoid any hassle by leaving any chemical-containing items at home and buying new cleaning products and other necessities when you arrive at your destination.

Sports Equipment
If you plan to play any sports during your holiday vacation, keep your equipment in your checked luggage. Most pieces of sports equipment are not permitted on planes, but can be transported with other checked luggage during the flight.

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