How to Stay Entertained During a Long Flight   

Most people cannot wait for a time when they can sit for long hours without having much on which to focus, unless they are on a plane. The cramped seats and large amounts of people sitting nearby can make it difficult to sit back and relax. Bring the following with you on your next trip to entertain yourself enough to actually enjoy your flight:

Catch Up on Your Reading

Flying presents the perfect opportunity to do some serious reading. Whether you have a book or an e-reader, make sure to stock up on a variety of reading materials that give you something to do while you fly. Take advantage of the opportunity and bring reading material that actually keeps you entertained instead of forcing yourself to read something that is dry, boring, and important for work.

Rely on Technology

The FAA recently announced that it is lifting its ban on the use of electronics on airlines that meet regulation during taxi and takeoff, which means that you can now use your music players, tablets, and laptops throughout the duration of the flight. When you can listen to music, watch movies, and even catch up on some work, you will not pay as much attention to how much you have left on the flight.

Make a New Friend

Since you and your neighbor will be sitting so close together, you might as well use the opportunity to learn something new about each other. If the person sitting next to you seems willing to chat, spend some time talking about your reasons for travel and learning some interesting facts about your seat mate.

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